What to Expect in 2023 with Deep Tech

Nishal Shah

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It’s time to recognize some of the new viewpoints on the trends that will affect the globe in the future as we near the end of the first quarter of 2023. Growing investor interest in resolving many of the most pressing global challenges may be predicted given deep tech’s emphasis on problem-solving. Observe these deep technology developments in 2023:

Acceptance of Climate Change

Instead of how to lessen the effects of climate change in and of itself, there has been greater talk on how to get to net zero. While achieving net zero is important, there is an urgent need to manage and mitigate impending disasters including flash floods, forest fires, and rising sea levels. Deep tech can help in this situation. In addition to providing early warnings, sensors, cutting-edge mapping technology, drones, satellites, and predictive modeling of weather effects on metropolitan areas can aid in evacuation and rescue preparations. At the same time, advances in material science are paving the way for a new generation of building materials that are more resilient to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods.

Alternative Energy Sources

Due to the lack of viable alternatives, even though their use is continuously declining, fossil fuels will continue to exist. As a result, there is a growing need for sources of renewable energy to address both this issue and the problems that non-renewable energy has caused. On the other hand, technologies that capture, utilize, or store carbon can help to decarbonize the refining process. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar have a problem with intermittency; as a result, they still need a fossil fuel generator to back them up.

On the other hand, hydroelectric and geothermal power plants are customized to a land’s geological character. Although hydrogen has a great deal of potential as a carbon-free energy source to replace fossil fuels, its manufacturing is expensive.

In the near future, nuclear energy is the most mature and viable energy source, but it is also the most divisive. While it generates power with a minimal carbon footprint, many nations have declined the chance to look into it as a clean alternative because of safety worries, high capital costs, and negative public perception. In 2023, interest in nuclear power might be rekindled because of small modular reactors, which generate enormous amounts of low-carbon electricity at a third of the rate of conventional nuclear power reactors.

Powerful Chips

Although operating AI models have a significant carbon footprint that is growing daily, it is less well-recognized than cryptocurrency mining that which consumes a lot of energy. Similar to this, more computational power and storage space will be required as the metaverse gains in popularity. It will be more crucial to create circuits that are quicker and less power-hungry and have been optimized for AI and other uses if the hardware is not to become a barrier to adoption. Data transport, storage, and other factors are also important. It’s not only about processing power. In order to boost machine learning performance while reducing latency, photonics and power chips must be viewed favorably.

Cultivating the Sea

While looking for lab-based solutions, we frequently overlook the possibility that nature may already offer a quick and simple solution for our nutritional needs. Seaweed and algae offer the same amount of protein and minerals as beans and soy. Not only do our seas provide us with food, but they also act as natural carbon sinks. Some businesses are actively investigating the prospect of adding algae culture racks to the water to increase CO2 absorption. It can also be transformed into a cheap, plentiful source of ethanol. Even while there are still technological challenges, the best answer that technology can provide for our current problems may be to learn to harness what nature has already provided.

The Future of Technology

Trends in technology are essential for any commercial endeavor. They may have an impact on how customers view your online business or how your company grows. These trends may indicate new markets or products, and they may also suggest fresh approaches that could put you ahead of your online rivals. Despite the dangers involved, deep technology is seen from the perspective of an investor as opening up newer prospects.

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