AI Room Planner Transform Your Space: Discover AI-Powered Interior Design Magic!

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ai room planner

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Interior Design by AI

Get tons of free design ideas for your room, without any limits.

How to Use

  1. Get Started: AI can help you design your room by giving you lots of style ideas.
  2. Sign Up: Go to our Interior AI Design editor, enter your email, and click confirm.
  3. Check Your Email: Look for an email from us, click the link inside, and start designing!

AI Room Design

Transform how you design your room with Planner 5D’s AI Room Planner. Whether you’re a pro designer or just love decorating, this tool makes it easy and affordable to bring your ideas to life. Enjoy the convenience and accuracy of AI technology.

ai room planner

Smart Wizard: Your AI Design Helper

The Smart Wizard uses AI to help you plan your room. It suggests furniture placements and layouts based on your room’s function and style, making your space both practical and beautiful.

Design Generator: Spark Your Creativity

The Design Generator gives you tons of design ideas. Just enter what you’re looking for, and it will create different design options to inspire you.

AI Floor Plan Recognition: Save Time

No need to draw floor plans by hand. The AI can analyze your space and create accurate floor plans automatically, giving you a solid start for your design.

3D and VR Walkthroughs: See Your Design in Action

Use 3D and VR walkthroughs to explore your room design virtually. See different angles and make sure you love the look before making any changes in real life.

Design Your Home with AI Room Generator

Planner 5D’s AI tools are perfect for both pros and beginners. You can:

  • Customize colors, materials, and decorations.
  • Share your designs with others for feedback.
  • Experiment with lighting to find the perfect look.
  • Create high-quality visuals for presentations.
  • Get new design ideas instantly.

Create Your Dream Home with AI Room Designer

Everyone deserves a beautiful space. Planner 5D is affordable and easy to use, so you can create amazing designs without spending a lot of money.

User-Friendly Interface

Our platform is easy to use for everyone. No complicated instructions—just simple design tools.

Extensive Items Catalog

Choose from thousands of furniture and decor items to make your design unique.

Realistic Visualizations

See your design in lifelike detail with our advanced rendering technology.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Save time and money by designing your room quickly and easily, with no costly mistakes.

Collaboration Made Easy

Share your designs with clients or team members in real-time, get instant feedback, and make adjustments as needed.

AI Room Design Tools

Several AI room planners like Roomeon, SketchUp, RoomSketcher, and Planner 5D can help you design your space. These tools use smart technology to give you personalized design ideas.

Mobile Apps for Room Design

You can also use mobile apps like Homestyler, Planner 5D, Room Creator Interior Design, and IKEA Place to design your room on your phone. Experiment with layouts, colors, and furniture in 3D easily.

3D Garden Planner Transform Your Garden with Easy 3D Planning: Design Like a Pro!

Plan Your Garden Easily

Not sure where to put plants and trees? Our garden planning tool helps you organize your garden perfectly. You can create a plan in 2D or 3D and add elements to match your style.

Free Garden Planner Online

Looking for simple garden layout software? Planner 5D is easy to use and lets you design detailed 3D garden plans. It’s free and user-friendly, even for beginners. You don’t need special skills to get professional results quickly.

Save time and money with the free Planner 5D tool. Create any garden design you can imagine!

Easy Garden Design

Our software lets you create beautiful garden projects like a pro. Use our templates or start from scratch. Customize your garden with different shapes and designs. It’s quick and simple.

Draw Your Garden Plan

Choose your layout and customize it as you like. The drag-and-drop tool is easy to use, even if you’ve never drawn before.

Lots of Items to Choose From

We have thousands of items to match any style. You can add lawns, trees, shrubs, patios, decks, and more. Customize the color, width, and length of each item.

Make It 3D

Our garden planner makes it easy to see your plan in 3D. Just finish your 2D plan and convert it to 3D to see how it will look in real life.

Easy to Learn

Even beginners can quickly learn to design in 3D with Planner 5D. We offer many learning resources and a friendly community to help you.

Improve Your Designs

Create almost anything for free with thousands of items in our library. Upgrade to premium for extra features and objects at a low cost.

Personalized Designs

Design your own garden and make it reflect your personality and needs.

Effortlessly Create Your Dream Home Gym: Design Made Simple

Easy Home Gym Setup

You can easily create a home gym or fitness space for your family or clients to stay fit. Fill the area with all the sports equipment you need for exercises and workouts. Use a wide selection of items and gym layouts to design a functional fitness space.

Making Home Gym Design Simple

With Planner 5D, you can create a layout for any type of gym, whether it’s a home gym, a small workout area in your house or apartment, a full fitness center, or a yoga studio. You don’t need any design experience to make professional gym floor plans.

Our gym floor plan creator includes everything you need, like fitness equipment, furnishings, accessories, and finishes. Start with a floor plan and browse our large product library. You can add pools, saunas, steam rooms, and more, then see your designs in 3D.

Use our gym designer to drag and drop objects, try different layouts, and change colors and finishes. You’ll learn the basics of 2D and 3D gym design and the latest interior design trends.

How to Create Your Gym Layout

Creating a great gym design isn’t just for professionals. Planner 5D helps beginners and independent designers take charge of their home gym designs to make the perfect space for their families and clients. 

Design ideal gym floor plans, pick furniture and equipment, and make detailed, high-quality images. Preview your gym in 3D. It’s that simple.

Start Your Plan in 2D

Begin by drawing the walls and setting up the layout. Decide the size of your gym and how to divide the space for different sections and equipment. You can always come back and change your design easily.

Choose Equipment and Furnishings

Decorating your home gym is a fun part of the process. Create a space that’s appealing and makes you want to work out. 

Pick equipment and decor from our large product library and move them around until they fit perfectly. Add features to create a full-scale exercise and fitness facility with just a few clicks. Don’t be afraid to try new layouts creativity is encouraged!

See Your Gym in 3D

Take an interactive tour to see your gym in 3D. Create high-quality images of your finished gym and share them with family or clients. Make adjustments as needed without needing years of experience or special software knowledge.

3D Gym Floor Plans and Designs

Creating home gym designs can be easy and fun. You can choose many different layouts, not just for the main training space, but also for specialized training areas, offices, and other facilities. You need the right design tool for this.

Faster Gym Design

Our online tool helps you skip unnecessary steps in the gym design process. Unlike complex CAD programs, our platform lets you create shapes and objects with a click. Choose from many 3D templates and mockups for gyms to make the process even faster.

Extensive Library

Planner 5D has all the tools you need to create a perfect gym and a large library of items to furnish it. From workout machines to gym equipment, there’s a lot to choose from. New items are always being added and improved.

Realistic 3D Views

Create a flat plan of your future gym to see how the space will look and what can fit in it. Then view a realistic 3D rendering. You don’t need extra software to convert the image our software does it automatically.

Many people think gym design can’t be creative, but it can be as creative and appealing as you want. Check out designs from other users on our platform for inspiration. Use the tools available to create gym designs that are just as good, or even better.

Transform Your Bathroom with Our Easy, Fun, and Fast Design Tool!

Plan Your Bathroom Easily with Our Virtual Designer!

Want to change your bathroom but don’t know where to start? Our simple bathroom design tool makes it easy. No need to measure anything—our app does it for you!

Tired of Your Old Bathroom?

Struggling to come up with new design ideas? Our special online tool lets you design your dream bathroom quickly and easily. Just click to start planning!

How It Works

  1. Create a Floor Plan: Draw your bathroom shape and size. Add walls, windows, and doors with a simple drag-and-drop feature.
  2. Add Elements: Pick fixtures and other items from our library. Move, resize, or delete them as needed.
  3. View in 3D: See your design come to life in 2D and 3D views.

Why Choose Our Tool?

  • Easy to Use: No special skills needed. Even beginners can create a great bathroom design.
  • Quick and Fun: Start designing right away with our fast, user-friendly app.
  • Professional Results: Create realistic plans that look just like the final product.

Create Your Perfect Bathroom

With Planner 5D, you can design your bathroom in both 2D and 3D. Our tool helps you avoid mistakes and lets you compare different designs easily.

More Features

  • High Quality: Ideal for anyone who wants a professional-looking bathroom.
  • For Everyone: Designed to make bathroom planning easy and enjoyable.
  • Fast: Quickly create a beautiful bathroom with simple elements.
  • All You Need: Everything you need to manage your bathroom project is right here.

Start designing your dream bathroom today with our easy-to-use tool!

Easy Guide to Using the Online Room Planner

Planning a home renovation or figuring out where to place new furniture is now super simple with an online room planner. This tool helps you easily make a floor plan for any room in your house, making home projects a breeze.

Why Use an Online Room Planner?

Renovating your home can be tough. You have to pick paint colors, decide where to put furniture, and more. It can feel overwhelming. But with Planner 5D, you can easily create a floor plan for your home. 

Just enter the room’s size, add furniture and other items, and see your room in 3D. You can try out different colors, materials, and styles until you find your perfect look.

Features of Planner 5D

  1. 3D Room View: See your room in 3D without being an expert. Just drag and drop items from our big product library.
  2. Easy to Use: No need for special software knowledge. Anyone can use it.
  3. Free to Use: Create your dream room design for free.
  4. Professional Results: See your space in both 2D and 3D, from every angle. Change anything you don’t like with a click.

How to Use Planner 5D

  1. Plan Your Room in 2D: Start by adding windows, doors, and walls. Adjust them until you find the perfect layout. Use our templates or start from scratch.
  2. Add Furniture and Decor: Drag and drop items from our library into your room. Try different layouts and finishes. Get a realistic preview of your room.
  3. Preview in 3D: Automatically see your room in 3D and do virtual walkthroughs. Switching between 2D and 3D is easy.

Creating a 3D Room Design

  • Easy Floor Plans: Make professional-looking designs in minutes. Upload existing plans, start from scratch, or use templates.
  • Measurements and Layouts: Enter your room’s size, add walls and doors, or use the Smart Wizard for fully furnished layouts.
  • Choose from 7,000 Items: Pick furniture, lighting, and decor from our catalog. Add features like fireplaces and wooden beams. Swap finishes, textures, and fabrics with ease.
  • Share Your Designs: Preview your room in 3D, do virtual walkthroughs, and share your designs with friends, family, or contractors.

Why Choose Planner 5D?

  • Multi-Platform: Use Planner 5D on any device—web, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Flexible Views: Design in 2D and 3D, and switch between views easily.
  • Huge Catalog: Access over 7,000 design items to create the style you want.
  • User-Friendly: No technical knowledge needed. Anyone can use it.

Planner 5D makes creating your dream room easy and fun!

Transform Your Kitchen Dreams into Reality with Planner 5D: Simple, Stylish, and Stress-Free Design!

Design Your Dream Kitchen

Designing your dream kitchen is now super simple with the Planner 5D kitchen tool. You can easily create your kitchen design using lots of items, templates, and layouts. It has everything you need to make your perfect kitchen come to life.

Why a Good Kitchen Matters

The kitchen is the heart of the home where families cook, eat, and spend time together. It needs to have the right appliances and furniture. Your kitchen should be both functional and stylish to meet your family’s needs.

How the Kitchen Planner Helps

The kitchen planner tool makes designing your kitchen stress-free. You don’t need any special skills or a professional designer. 

With a large library of design items, you can try different layouts and styles from home. You can start with a template or from scratch and drag and drop items until everything looks perfect.

You can preview your designs in 3D and even take a virtual tour of your new kitchen before starting any work. Share your ideas with family and friends to make the renovation fun.

2D and 3D Kitchen Layouts

Creating a kitchen layout can be hard, especially if you’re changing things around. Planner 5D makes it easy to design a kitchen that works for you. 

Start in 2D to draw your floor plan, then see it in 3D to preview your changes. This saves time and money by helping you see your kitchen before starting work.

Popular Kitchen Layouts

  1. L-Shaped Kitchen: Two walls form an L shape, providing lots of counter space and easy access to appliances. Great for small spaces.
  2. U-Shaped Kitchen: Three walls of cabinets and appliances with one open side. Ideal for families and those who love to cook.
  3. Island Kitchen: A large central island used for prep, dining, or storage. Perfect for big kitchens and entertaining.
  4. Open-Concept Kitchen: Open to the living or dining room, allowing more interaction with guests and making small spaces feel larger.
  5. Galley Kitchen: Two parallel rows of cabinets and countertops. Efficient for small homes and apartments.
  6. Small Kitchens: Usually found in small apartments with limited space and basic necessities. Can have a galley or L-shaped layout scaled down.

Ready-to-Use Templates

Planner 5D has many templates to make kitchen planning easy. You can adjust them to fit your needs or use them as inspiration.

  • Luxury Kitchen Design
  • Small Kitchen Design Ideas
  • Modern Kitchen Design
  • Outdoor Kitchen Design
  • Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas
  • Galley Kitchen Ideas
  • Simple Kitchen Ideas
  • Contemporary Kitchen Ideas
  • Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Creating Your Dream Kitchen Layout

  1. Draft Your Plan in 2D: Start with a floor plan. Draw walls, windows, and doors. Add cabinets and other features and move them around until it looks right.
  2. Choose Appliances and Furnishings: Add appliances, sinks, stoves, light fixtures, and decor. Choose from a large product library.
  3. Preview in 3D: See your design in 3D at any time. Make adjustments easily and create high-resolution renderings to share.

Tips for Designing a Kitchen

  1. Think About Use: Consider how you use your kitchen. Do you cook big meals or entertain often? This will help you choose the best layout.
  2. Measure Your Space: Know the size of your kitchen to plan the layout.
  3. Consider Your Budget: Plan how much you can spend on cabinets, appliances, and other features.
  4. Ask for Help: If you feel overwhelmed, a professional designer can help create the kitchen you need.

Why Use Planner 5D

  • Simplicity: Easy to use with a small learning curve.
  • Convenience: Design at your own pace from anywhere with internet access.
  • Accuracy: Create detailed layouts that reflect your space accurately.
  • Affordability: Get great results without high costs.
  • Quality: Access a large library of beautiful design items for professional results.

Transform Your Office With Ease Using Planner 5D

Make Office Designs Easy with Planner 5D

Use Planner 5D to create amazing office designs. Whether you need a cozy home office or a big office with meeting rooms and recreation zones, this tool helps you make the perfect plan.

Designing an office can be hard and take a lot of time. But Planner 5D makes it simple. You don’t need to be a professional designer to use it.

Easy to Use

Planner 5D gives you tools to manage everything. You can create rooms, draw plans, and choose furniture. It’s easy to control how your office will look. The interface is designed for regular people, so you can bring your ideas to life without any experience.

Creative Ideas and Templates

Struggling with ideas? Use our templates and change them as you like. If you want a custom project, that’s possible too.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Draw Your Office Design: Plan your office space wisely, whether it’s big or small. Draw walls, place desks, and make sure everything fits well.
  2. Furnish in 3D: Turn your 2D plans into 3D models with a click. This helps you see your design clearly.
  3. Share Your Project: Export your project to share with others. Send it to contractors, partners, or team members.

Why Use Planner 5D?

Planner 5D is quick and easy. You can draw office plans in minutes on any device. Our library has thousands of items for any style you like. Whether you want a modern office or something unique, we have what you need.

Essentials to Consider

  • Balance: Divide the room into four equal parts for a balanced look.
  • Traffic Patterns: Ensure people can move easily around the office.
  • Focus: Place the main feature in the middle to draw attention.

Great Features

  • Smart: We offer templates and samples to make things easier.
  • Flexible: Move, resize, and rotate items as you like.
  • Quick: Customize your design easily.
  • User-Friendly: Enjoy the features of a specialized program without the complications.
  • Inspiration: Find ideas in our gallery for any size office.


Export your final design and share it with anyone involved in the project.