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Viggle AI

Viggle AI Tutorial: How to Make Videos with Viggle

Viggle AI is an Android app that helps users learn and use the AI features of the Viggle platform. 

Through interactive tutorials, users can create videos using Viggle’s AI technology, from editing to enhancing content quality. 

This app is a handy guide for anyone wanting to tap into their creative potential using artificial intelligence.

Viggle AI

Explore Viggle AI: Create FREE AI Animation and Motion Capture Videos

Viggle AI is a revolutionary platform for making free AI animation and motion capture videos. With step-by-step guidance, you can generate viral content. 

This tutorial covers Viggle AI’s features, like prompt templates, the Mix Tool, and the Ideate tool, showing you how to create animations with real-world physics for immersive results. 

Learn to make stunning, realistic animations using popular templates like Viggle Lil Yachty and Tom Cruise. 

Follow this guide to create viral AI videos for YouTube or other social media platforms.

Create Stunning VFX with Viggle AI

Viggle AI is a new, free, and unlimited AI tool for creating Hollywood-level visual effects without software knowledge or expensive hardware. 

Using AI technologies like machine learning and neural networks, Viggle AI can animate a static image to match movements in a video. 

Users simply upload an image and a video with desired motions. Commands like /mix, /animate, and /stylize let you combine and manipulate images and videos into original VFX creations. 

Whether you’re a seasoned VFX artist or just starting, Viggle AI is an accessible way to experiment with visual effects and bring characters to life.

Viggle AI Tutorial: Create AMAZING AI Videos for FREE

In this tutorial, we explore how to create videos using cutting-edge 3D modeling technology. You can create your viral video for free, infusing animation with real-world physics for realistic results. Ready to dive in and create your viral video masterpiece?

Start by visiting and joining the beta on Discord. Explore the prompt section with templates for unique actions or body movements. 

Use tools like the Animate 15 Channel on Discord to upload your image, apply a motion prompt template, choose a background, and generate your video in minutes.

The tutorial also covers using the Mix tool to combine images and videos and the ID8 tool for creating videos based on text prompts. 

Follow these steps to create impressive AI videos with motion-captured movements and detailed animations.

Keywords:, 3D modeling, Discord, motion prompts, AI video creation, Mix tool, ID8 tool, animation, viral video.

Viggle AI: Revolutionizing Video Content Creation

Viggle AI uses advanced AI to turn static images into animated characters with lifelike movements. 

Powered by JST-1, it is the first video-3D foundation model with physics understanding, making realistic character movements based on text prompts possible. Ideal for artists, filmmakers, content creators, and anyone interested in AI-driven video generation.

Viggle AI Features

  • Text-to-Animation: Transform text prompts into animated sequences with realistic movements.
  • Physics-Based Realism: Uses JST-1 technology for animations that understand motion dynamics and physics.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive commands make it accessible for non-technical users to create professional animations.

Viggle AI Pricing

Viggle AI is available as a freemium tool, offering basic features for free with additional premium features for advanced users.

How to Use Viggle AI

  1. Join the Viggle AI Discord server during its beta phase for tool access and community support.
  2. Learn the main commands: `/mix`, `/animate`, `/ideate`, and `/stylize`.
  3. Use `/mix` to blend character images with motion videos or templates.
  4. Apply the `/animate` command to create animations based on text descriptions of movements.
  5. Generate new video concepts with the `/ideate` function using text prompts.
  6. Customize characters’ appearances with the `/stylize` feature.

Viggle AI simplifies the animation process, making it accessible to users from various industries. Its innovative approach to animation through text prompts opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Make Anyone Dance: Easy 3D Animations with Viggle AI

Viggle AI can make 3D characters move realistically for short videos like those on TikTok or Instagram. You can use words, a picture, or another video to guide it. Still in testing, it’s free to try!

Here’s how to create a mix:

  1. Image: Get an image of the person to animate.
  2. Video: Find a video with the motions to mimic.
  3. Music: Choose background music.

Using Viggle AI on Discord, create the new video in 2-3 minutes. Combine everything with your favorite video editor. Viggle AI shows the potential of future content creation, making it accessible to all skill levels.

Try Viggle AI Free Online: Text into 3D Animations Instantly

Unleash Your Creativity with Viggle AI

Viggle AI uses JST-1 technology to make creating 3D character animations easy. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, it helps bring characters to life with unprecedented ease and precision.

Key Features

  • 3D Character Animations: Turn text into dynamic character movements.
  • Physics Understanding: Realistic animations grounded in physics.
  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface that simplifies animation.
  • Community and Support: Join the Viggle AI Discord for support and resources.

How to Access Viggle AI

  1. Web Access: Visit to sign up and start creating.
  2. Discord Integration: Join the Viggle AI Discord server for additional resources and features.
  3. No Complex Requirements: Viggle AI works seamlessly in your browser.

Connect and Collaborate on Discord

Join the official Viggle AI Discord server to engage in community events and get direct support. Participate in challenges and share your projects.

Mastering Video Creation with Viggle AI Prompts

Prompts guide Viggle AI to produce desired video outputs. Learn to craft clear prompts and use motion templates to create professional-quality videos quickly.

Interact with Viggle AI Using the Viggle Bot

Use the Viggle Bot on Discord to animate by typing a message. Commands like /animate, /mix, /ideate, /character, and /stylize transform ideas into animated content easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Viggle AI?

Viggle AI is a tool that creates 3D character animations from text prompts using JST-1 technology.

2. How can I access Viggle AI?

Access it through the website at by signing up for a free account.

3. Is Viggle AI free to use?

Yes, it offers a free access model with premium features for advanced use.

4. What types of animations can I create?

You can create 3D character movements, scene animations, and complex narratives.

5. How do I use the Discord server?

Join through the Viggle AI website link for support, challenges, and using the Viggle Bot for animations.

6. What are prompts in Viggle AI?

Prompts are text instructions that guide the AI to generate specific animations.

7. Can I customize animations in Viggle AI?

Yes, you can adjust animations and use motion templates to enhance them.

8. What support is available?

Comprehensive support is available through the Discord community, FAQs, guides, and tutorial videos.

9. Can I create my viral video using free AI tools like the ones mentioned in the tutorial?

Yes, by using platforms like and Discord with tools for motion prompts, mixing images and videos, and generating videos from text prompts, you can create viral videos for free.

10. How long does it take to generate a video using these AI tools?

It usually takes about 2 to 3 minutes to generate a video with the mentioned AI tools. The process is quick and efficient for creating engaging content.

11. Are the animations created with these tools realistic and immersive?

Yes, the animations use 3D modeling technology and motion prompts to be immersive and realistic, incorporating real-world physics principles for enhanced movement and dynamics.