Global Deep Tech Startups

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Global Deep Tech Startups

1. Medicus AI

Medicus AI

A cutting-edge technology company, Medicus AI assists you by providing an AI-powered experience that elevates your company and gives your patients individualized access to help them better understand and take control of their health.

An AI-based platform called Medicus transforms health data into a user-interactive experience with clear explanations, individualized health insights, and intelligent well-being coaching. Everyone can readily grasp their medical and health information thanks to Medicus, which also engages users with personalized health insights and guides them along the route to maintaining or improving their health.

Currently, Medicus includes biometric information, all vitals, a complete health profile, family history, medications, and the most often examined blood, urine, and stool markers. Diagnostic centers and health insurance providers utilize Medicus to deliver user-friendly health reports to patients and to promote ongoing, individualized well-being coaching.

By empowering people to become and stay healthy, assisting them in every phase of their recovery from sickness, and clearly outlining everything to them so they may make the greatest choice at any given time, Medicus is working toward a future in which a focus on health is an integral part of daily life.

2. Snips


Snips is an edge-based artificial intelligence voice platform that doesn’t upload voice data to the cloud. They provide businesses and developers with offline and private-by-design conversational interfaces to animate interactions with products with their integrated voice AI technology. The Snips voice assistant streamlines user interactions with connected devices thanks to enterprise-grade performance and cloud-level accuracy across a wide range of hardware integrations on a small power footprint.

Snips, a company founded in 2013 by three PhDs, has offices in Paris, New York, and Tokyo and is at the forefront of the embedded voice revolution thanks to its ability to design unique voice commands and natural language user interfaces.

With the help of more than 50 gifted engineers, machine learning experts, and product developers, Snips has developed an industry-leading platform and set of tools for customizing speech interactions. Its full-stack solution uses exclusive technology that enables voice processing on the gadget. This localized processing reduces footprint and reliance on the cloud while maximizing accuracy, efficiency, and privacy. The voice assistants from Snips are made specifically for certain tasks and are made to work with other general-purpose voice assistants already available on the Sonos platform.

3. Blippar


Leading technological startup Blippar specializes in computer vision and augmented reality (AI). The goal of Blippar is to make life better through augmented reality by giving you more of what you see, including fun, knowledge, and value.

Since 2011, Blippar has been pushing the envelope of augmented reality technology and assisting hundreds of companies, retailers, and agencies in utilizing AR and AI across the consumer journey to improve customer engagement, boost traffic, and boost sales. Blippar provides access to an augmented reality ecosystem with goods and expert services to fulfill certain business needs, from consulting to augmented reality development tools that publish augmented reality content inside a client’s own app or rich media banners (no app required).

Leading global companies like PepsiCo, Porsche, Nestlé, L’Oréal, GSK, General Mills, and Procter & Gamble have used Blippar’s technology to develop memorable and award-winning experiences.

Blippar has been cited by CNN, Forbes, and other media outlets as one of the fastest-growing businesses. It has also been included on CNBC’s list of the most disruptive businesses for three years running, been named the top business innovator by Bloomberg, and been named the most innovative AR/VR company by Fast Company.

4. Tractable 


Modern machine learning and computer vision research are used for visual evaluation in Tractable’s AI-first solutions. Our AI technologies started providing quick, accurate damage appraisal using client photographs to help make accident recovery up to ten times faster.

They are currently using our distinguished AI to quicken various visual inspection and appraisal processes. They’re on a quest to change how people live and work across whole industries, from salvaging auto parts to property evaluation.

With AI on their side, they can improve customer experiences, speed up repairs, and increase recycling, which is better for all of us and the environment. They can also free up employee time for more worthwhile activities.

5. Disperse


Disperse provides data and insights that may be used by building project teams to make more informed business decisions.

To keep a project going forward and keep stakeholders happy, project management teams require access to the appropriate data. However, they are instead slowly fed erroneous data from laborious, manual, onsite reports. How do construction companies address this then?

Utilizing a platform for developing productivity that delivers precise, impartial statistics in a matter of minutes.

Bring in Disperse.

Their platform, which has won numerous awards, combines hybrid Human + AI technology to track what matters and produce dependable, scalable, and accessible reports. Their 360-degree imagery and data-capture technology enable teams to follow what is happening at a construction site at any time, from anywhere and helps them identify imminent problems.

Their user-friendly UI, developed with and for project managers to save time and effort, makes their data simply accessible and usable.

“This isn’t just about streamlining processes or working more quickly; it’s about transforming how we work to be more integrated, consistent, and data-driven. Your project teams have the ability and digital power to innovate and create new procedures thanks to Disperse.

6. Scoutbee


Scoutbee’s market-leading supplier intelligence & discovery platform empowers procurement professionals to enhance their master data, make better sourcing decisions, and find and onboard new suppliers across the world. When compared to conventional approaches, Scoutbee’s end-to-end strategic sourcing initiatives can be completed up to 90% faster thanks to AI and ML. By offering thorough and up-to-date supplier data, Scoutbee enables proactive sourcing choices that boost supply chain resilience, enhance sustainability, foster innovation, shorten time to market, and promote diversity.

7. Nuritas


Targeting, predicting, and unlocking novel bioactive peptide components from plants is the exclusive domain of Nuritas. Bringing about very precise, game-changing benefits that have the power to change both the sustainability of food systems and human health.

8. Merantix


Following years of study in the area, Merantix has developed an integrative method for creating AI businesses. At each stage, all necessary stakeholders are involved.

Their process guarantees that you as a Founder are best prepared to create a business that will have a lasting impact from ideation to Series A.

Machine learning businesses are developed and scaled at Merantix Venture Studio. We translate cutting-edge research into technologies that will transform existing industries and launch new ones thanks to our excellent teams of entrepreneurs and engineers, seed funding, and ingenious incubation platforms.

9. Brodmann17


AI created by Brodmann17 is changing mobility safety. 95% of the computing power is conserved using the company’s computer vision-based technology. This significant cost reduction has allowed AI to enter previously untapped markets, such as mass-market passenger cars, video telematics, and micro-mobility.

In order to make the overall ADAS software better, Brodmann17’s AI uses deep learning neural networks to extract every piece of information from a video. Scalable perception software is available from Brodmann17. Due to its hardware independence and ability to run on any processor, from low-power edge to cloud, it is simple to deploy and integrate.

The world’s largest OEMs and Tier-1 automotive suppliers depend on Brodmann17’s cutting-edge technology, which is built from the ground up and designed against the industry’s strictest requirements to achieve state-of-the-art precision while consuming a tiny fraction of computer power.

10. Cobiro


The Cobiro platform was created with simplicity in mind. Choose what you need when, from fully guided marketing & advertising apps to no-code websites & stores.

Additionally, they provide organizations with exceptional returns as a Premium Google Partner by providing unmatched advantages and special savings that enhance performance. Want to manage several projects and campaigns? Cobiro Pro is your all-inclusive management tool that centralizes everything. Want to incorporate Cobiro’s apps into an environment that already exists? Cobiro for Enterprises keeps you one step ahead of the competition by fostering greater client loyalty and long-term success.

11. Metron

French CleanTech company METRON specializes in energy. To monitor and maximize their energy in the industrial, tertiary, and public markets, they offer their clients a digital solution. They receive assistance from METRON in lowering their energy expenses, consumption, and carbon footprint.

They are able to quicken the pace of their transition to sustainability, effectiveness, and productivity.

The METRON Solution helps businesses at every step of their energy journey.

You can view and measure your energy use and produce accurate reports thanks to their innovative digital platform, which gathers all the data produced by industrial equipment in a safe setting.

Reduce your energy expenditures and purchases.

Deepen your understanding of AI algorithms to gain real-time optimizations for complicated assets. Identify optimization opportunities. Track your carbon footprint and adapt your sustainability strategy.

METRON leverages the impact of AI and big data to usher in a new wave of innovation in the energy sector, offering a game-changing energy intelligence platform & more.

12. Aylien 


AYLIEN is a Dublin, Ireland-based AI, NLP, and machine learning startup. They offer Text Analysis & News APIs that let customers comprehend large volumes of user-generated content. They offer a variety of content analysis tools to academics, businesses, developers, and data scientists. Information retrieval, machine learning, and natural language processing API packages make up our main product lines.

13. Clustree


All employees now have access to career management thanks to a solution provided by Clustree, a Cornerstone OnDemand firm. As employees progress through their professional lives, Clustree’s AI Career Coach uses bias-free algorithms and machine learning to automatically identify their skills and interests and recommend internal job opportunities, training programs, mentors, or career paths that are specifically suited to them.

The solution enables enterprises to increase internal mobility, anticipate skill needs, and enhance employee experience through a deeper understanding of their profiles.

14. Another brain

Another brain

Organic AITM is produced by AnotherBrain. It is a new type of artificial intelligence that is significantly more potent than existing AI technologies and is inspired by how the human brain functions. This new generation of artificial intelligence can expand the scope of applications.

Organic AITM is truly human-friendly because it is self-learning, doesn’t need vast data for training, uses very little energy, and can explain its choices.

Their teams’ core values of consideration and accountability enable them to meet the challenges of AI both now and in the future.

15. Cambridge Epigenetix

Cambridge Epigenetix

The day when improved medications, diagnostics, and individualized therapies are a reality for everyone is becoming closer as sequencing provides more information from DNA and can be done at much lower costs.

The life sciences tools and analytics company Cambridge Epigenetix (CEGX) has developed a technology platform that offers significant advancements in the kind of information that can be generated from DNA and the cost at which it is obtained.



AID: Tech enables people to own, control and manage their Identity. Users can establish a reputation on Onchain and receive rewards for their social actions thanks to our technology.

was the first business in the world to use blockchain technology to offer aid internationally. Since then, we’ve been fusing digital identification with payments, and we’re on a mission to provide people access to their data so they can reclaim it and take part in the value capture that Web3 advocates.

Aidtech achieves this by giving users the ability to create an Onchain reputation to record their time, effort, energy, and contributions in the real world and online.

At the heart of AID: Tech is a social goal, and people are rewarded by earning money while volunteering!

17. Hystrix Medical AG

Hystrix Medical serves as a liaison between suppliers and buyers of medical equipment, implants, and related services. It is a hub of market data for the healthcare sector and an online digital marketplace that offers remarkable efficiency realization for both healthcare providers and suppliers.

Producer, distributor, and supplier advantages on the supply side

Increase your customer centricity by adding an integrated EDI service, adding a sales channel, gaining full market exposure, reducing time to market, adding a B2B marketing channel, make it easier to display your product, service, and education bundle offers.

Demand Side: Medical practices and hospitals

You can speed up your sourcing processes while maximizing your procurement experience by adding a sourcing channel, obtaining a complete picture of the market and complete transparency, sourcing products of the highest quality, cutting the time it takes to receive offers, receiving clear offers, obtaining the economically optimal supplier constellation for your shopping cart, paying market prices, and adding EDI services.

18. Artomatix (Acquired by Unity Technologies) 

Artomatix has created the first creative artificial intelligence that automatically creates 3D material, making it simple to create realistic, immersive 3D worlds.

With its current focus on textures and texturing—the “skin” of 3D assets—artificial Artomatix’s intelligence automates the laborious processes involved in creating 3D content, allowing both professionals and amateurs to concentrate on the creative, high-value tasks that initially attracted them to this field.

Artomatix has won the NVIDIA Early Stage Challenge (2015, $100k), placed in the top 2.5% of TechCrunch Disrupt (2015), and placed in the top 0.8% of Hello Tomorrow since its founding (2015). In March 2017, Artomatix raised €2.1 million to carry out its objective. 

19. ClicData

Leading End-to-End Data Platform ClicData is developed to unleash the potential of Business Intelligence and enhance decision-making. You can easily connect to, manage, analyze, visualize, and share any data from any source with your employees or clients thanks to their cloud-based platform.

They give you all the resources you require to interpret your data and assess your progress:

  • Integration of Data
  • Data Management, which includes ETL/ELT and data warehouse
  • Analytical Data
  • Business intelligence with a white label and data visualization
  • Data Exchange

Their goal is to assist enterprises across all industries in gaining visibility into their performance through automated data analysis and reporting in a world where data-driven decisions are essential to success.

20. OverStory


The main cause of power outages and wildfires brought on by our electric grid is vegetation. Overstory offers utility visibility, risk analysis, and optimization suggestions for managing vegetation across the whole service area. It accomplishes this by using satellite photos and artificial intelligence.

Field visits are focused on the most important issues thanks to accurate observations. Their algorithms have been tested on more than 20,000 miles of T&D right-of-way and have been created in collaboration with arborists and forestry experts throughout the world.

In order to support risk-based planning for vegetation management, Overstory provides tree-level data on plant species, health, height, and closeness to lines. They identify dangers associated with grow-in and fall-in, and they verify pruning.

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