Artificial Intelligence Startups

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Artificial Intelligence Startups

Investor-favored deep tech startups are anticipated to continue having a significant impact in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), big data, language processing, vision and speech algorithms, robotics, and blockchain.

According to NASSCOM’s 2019 Indian tech startup ecosystem study, about 18% of all startups in India are involved in deep tech, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Between 2014 and 2019, 1,600 deep tech startups were founded, and their CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is 40 percent. According to data, deep tech venture capital investments totaled $1.4 billion across over 130 agreements in 2021. 

Larger international corporations are buying a number of deep-tech firms in India to obtain access to specialized technology and top employees. A brand-new deep-tech ecosystem is quickly emerging in India, sponsored by investors who have made significant financial commitments to the sector and are driven by innovation.

There is a high demand for startups specializing in disruptive technology that can address difficult global problems, as evidenced by the fact that several deep-tech businesses in India are being bought by larger international companies in order to obtain access to unique technologies and top people. India is home to more than 12500 emerging brands, making it the third-largest startup ecosystem. Additionally, 19% of start-ups in India are in the deep technology sector, including AI/ML, deep learning, IoT, big data, EBC, and CPA.

Since deep tech startups are becoming more and more popular, this article will feature a list of a few of them and explain what makes them unique.



Robots have been transforming our lives for a while, therefore we’re prone to consider ways to make potentially fatal situations simpler and increase livelihood by creating the lacking social space for Robots in our society. Genrobotics is trying to create technologies that, through human-friendly robotic solutions, ensure the safety of those who deal with the extremes.

The headquarters of Genrobotics, the top robotics firm in India, is located in Trivandrum, Kerala. Genrobotics primarily focuses on creating and developing robotic solutions to address the most pressing social concerns. The business was started in 2017.

Bandicoot, a robotic device designed for cleaning any sort of sewer manhole, is one of their significant innovations. The stand unit and the robotic drone unit are the two main components of the robot. The drone unit will descend into manholes to perform cleaning or unclogging operations The robotic drone’s dive depth can be adjusted to accommodate our clients’ highest requirements. extra feature The robot is able to operate efficiently for a longer amount of time in any hazardous or corrosive sewerage settings thanks to nano coating in addition to the powder coating surface treatment technique. In terms of time and cleaning effectiveness, bandicoots are more adaptable than humans and can clean manholes more effectively.

To perform grabbing, shoveling, and unblocking operations inside the manholes, the drone unit is furnished with an extensible robotic arm with four degrees of freedom. The robotic drones are built with four extensible legs for stability, and the integrated garbage-collection bucket system allows the drones to hoist the gathered rubbish out of manholes.

Isn’t that clever and practical? I thought this was a fantastic use of technology to decrease manual labor and for the benefit of the environment, which prior, used to result in manhole deaths. According to the report, this invention led to a decrease in cases like this.



Cogknit is delighted to be India’s first artificial intelligence product lab, enhancing human potential for more than 10 years with the help of cutting-edge scientific research. With the help of  AI agents and solutions in voice, vision, linguistics, and wearable technologies, they are breaking new ground in human-machine interaction.

Their specialty is in using Deep Learning to construct Enterprise and SaaS-based products and solutions using text, speech, pictures, and video. They are a quick-moving company with an innovative culture that has gained client traction. Semantics, Web 3.0, Big Data, systems engineering, and related technologies are their areas of expertise and innovation focus in order to address market issues.

A tailored learning solution is made possible by machine intelligence, which is used by Cognit’s flagship corporate learning solution, iCOG. With a primary focus on the convergence of voice and vision, they have employed deep learning to solve challenges in the retail, media, medical, and banking industries. This, in my opinion, will be helpful to a lot of individuals because it makes their work simple and convenient while also saving time.

One of Cogknit’s core products is ICOG, an AI-based Personalized Intelligent Virtual Learning Assistant. Leading businesses use ICOG to achieve goals related to workforce learning and transformation.

The full language tech stack Autovox, an AI-powered Speech Processing Engine for Indian Languages, was created as the voice OS for Bharat.

They are headed for quick and steady growth. Our income more than doubled in FY 2019–2020, and they set a goal to increase it threefold in FY 2020–21.

At Cogknit, they encourage a fantastic culture of producing AI products resulting from sincere and ground-breaking research and development, and they promote bold ideas, unique research pathways, and this. They take great pride in having leaders from the industry and eminent academic institutions like IIT [Madras] and more to collaborate with them on this aim.



One Studio, a video intelligence platform by Cognitifai, employs computer vision to interpret the events seen in the video. By isolating the signal from the noise and searching the video frame by frame, the platform can extract pertinent information shot by shot from the video. The platform gives smart cities and retail businesses urban monitoring capabilities including surveillance and hyper-local intelligence, allowing its users to turn the footage into insightful information.

They serve as a single, integrated command center for managing all of your mission-related assets, including cameras, AI apps, data, and various vendors. Establishes standards for integrating multi-party AI, Cameras, Data, and Controls. a safe location to merge all of your resources from many sources.

A fully managed full-stack platform to build, optimize, run & manage AI Apps & AI

Pipelines in minutes, anywhere, at any scale without worrying about complexity, In an efficient & cost-effective manner.



Streamoid is a leader in fashion AI with the primary goal of enabling smarter shopping experiences for customers and merchants all over the world. Their multifaceted team, with offices in Bangalore and New York, delivers the ideal fusion of technology and style that distinguishes every Streamoid product and service.

Instead of replacing human intelligence, AI offers it the chance to achieve more than it has ever been able to. Their solutions free people from repetitive duties while also boosting their performance, productivity, and capacity for bigger dreams. They allow for a mind-machine connection that seeks to produce outcomes that are vastly superior to what either party could have produced on its own.

In the fashion retail sector, Streamoid creates AI-powered solutions that may provide search and style advice in the role of a skilled stylist or a shop assistant. Several technologies, like picture recognition, a fashion style rules engine, the most recent social media trends, deep learning, natural language processing, etc., can be used to do this. Fashion stores may now offer a search using its AI products that can comprehend photos, natural language, etc., and show things like a highly skilled shop assistant. The platform also features stylists with intelligence that can personalize style advice for each user based on trends, weather, occasions, etc.

An image is recognized by Streamoid’s visual-based search and discovery services, which then search a sizable visual database to find relevant internet information. The platform’s visual search recognizes the many components of an image and tags them according to style and category. The top merchants and brands are then searched by the deep learning system for product photos to index using visual search methods. They then employ deep learning algorithms to assist produce predicted recommendations using this enormous data collection.

Drive Analytics 

Drive Analytics

Drive Analytics is a team of gifted and motivated engineers with the goal of democratizing the distribution of cutting-edge AI technologies. Our key beliefs include providing clients with value quickly while keeping costs down to suit the market’s shifting demands and difficulties.

The most cutting-edge AI technologies are used to create the foundational Computer vision and NLP models for Drive. To ensure their applicability across a wide range of areas, they are trained on a huge variety of datasets. Drive’s primary components are encircled by an API that enables quick solution implementation.

Previously only accessible to the biggest IT companies, AI is now becoming more accessible to everyone and finding its way into the operations of more businesses. However, many AI programs fail miserably to meet expectations and never deliver the value that was promised because they don’t set reasonable goals.

Drive has provided cutting-edge AI solutions to a number of well-known company names. Drive’s solutions are very scalable, and its APIs are used frequently in a variety of contexts. They have the know-how to finish AI projects on time and on budget thanks to their competence!



Instoried is a young startup that aims at driving content engagement to get more clicks. A higher ROI and excellent yield on marketing investments are produced by greater involvement.

Customers have seen up to a 3X increase in incoming leads per post and a 2X boost in ROI using their proprietary solution in less than 6 months. Regardless of the amount of content, they employ NLP to work their magic with the data to help establish the emotion and tone of marketing content.

Their AI engine dynamically calculates the emotional engagement score of content and makes wise suggestions to improve audience involvement.

Use the Plagiarism Checker and Smart Recommendations in Real-Time to predict the Sentiment Analysis and Emotional Engagement for the Written Content to enhance Your Copy! By employing artificial intelligence to analyze impact, tone, emotion, and plagiarism in real time, they can help you get more conversions for your marketing content.

Emotionally target your audience: By enhancing the necessary emotions in your material and increasing its effect, you can evoke the appropriate feelings in your audience.

Semantic analysis: Analyze, optimize, and forecast conversions in real time as you produce content.

Increasing Customer Engagement: Customers will engage with your brand when you appeal to their appropriate emotions. The suggestions made by our tool improve your client interaction.

Enhance Creativity and Save Time – By providing you with real-time word- and phrase-level recommendations, Instoried’s innovative AI technology helps you improve your writing standards in real time.

Learn more about the emotional tool in Instoried.

They have streamlined settings for reviewing and improving your material. Utilize a fantastic AI Assistant to create a well-organized writing place. You can compose or publish a document with a quick AI Analysis of your content using the Instoried web app. Corrections – Create articles without spelling or grammar mistakes to impress readers. Tonal Analysis: Evaluate and improve your content’s overall tone. Produce content with the ideal balance of positive, negative, and neutral tones.

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Content Creators (Content Writers)
  • Marketers
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Small Agencies
  • Solopreneurs

Well, that’s a very clever use of AI.



Agara is an Autonomous voice agent powered by Real-time Voice AI to enhance customer experience and cut support costs. Building cutting-edge real-time voice AI to support autonomous discussions and achieve near-human perfection.

The future of business-to-consumer communication is with Agara. Advanced Voice AI is used by Agara to handle customer assistance calls in real time. Agara can handle calls totally on its own or offer real-time ideas to a human agent in order to rapidly and effectively handle the conversation. Agara eliminates all points of friction during support calls. With no hold times, a considerably higher first-call resolution rate, and shorter call times, businesses may greatly improve their customer support experience. In addition to operational efficiency and cost savings of over 50%, this increased experience.

Calls with Agara are handled in a friendly, conversational manner. The goal of Agara is to improve the utterly inadequate customer care experience. With zero wait times and prompt problem-solving, their end-to-end automation of calls and high-velocity inquiries minimizes the number of calls that are diverted to live agents, rationalizes contact center expenses, and improves customer experience.

Their goal is to enable talks that don’t seem robotically automated. To create our proprietary AI technology that can provide human-like experiences on any conceivable voice channel, they have invested years in applied research in machine learning and deep neural networks. Agara, which focuses on enhancing customer experiences in a variety of industries like financial services, airlines, retail, and CPG, conducts phone calls in a natural, conversational style and offers prompt responses around-the-clock.

Aigroedge Technologies

Aigroedge Technologies

With its innovative Farm Automation and Management technologies, intelligent SAAS platform, and unique IoT-based sensory system Kraashak, DeepTech Startup Aigroedge Technologies is transforming the way agriculture is carried out.

A team of engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs founded AIGROEDGE Technologies, a deep tech start-up that creates cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) sensory and artificial intelligence (AI) powered digital solutions for the specialized agriculture sector. For AIGROEDGE’s first product, “KRAASHAK,” an edge IoT sensory device powered by AI for physical quality assessment, disease detection, and prediction of parameters affecting plants growth using a proprietary expert system to enhance yielding, there are many market applications (such as herbs and cosmetic flowers market, etc.).

In order to increase production and profit margin for the end user, Aigroedge gadget KRAASHAK is an IoT sensory system that collects soil, environmental, and geographic parameters from the sensors.

Its goal is to provide simple, cost-effective smart Agri-tech solutions for specialized farming. They were established in February 2020 and have contacted over 1000 farmers in 5 Indian states. It’s true that this startup’s use of agritech is very beneficial to farmers and it is a brilliant invention.


Kinara ai

Maker of low-power CPUs intended for successful development and deployment of cutting-edge AI applications. The business’s processor provides a collection of automated development tools to aid in the building of sophisticated AI applications. Users can gain access to deep data insights to optimize edge real-time activities.

Kinara Ara Edge AI processors accelerate and optimize real-time decision-making for unequaled edge AI solutions thanks to a patented Polymorphic Dataflow Architecture and a thorough SDK. Their Ara AI accelerators provide excellent energy efficiency for smart edge devices and gateways that require responsive AI processing.



Spyne is a Deep Tech startup that uses AI to develop and improve high-quality product photos and videos at scale for businesses and marketplaces.

Spyne, a creative, imaginative, and young firm with its headquarters in Gurgaon, is on a mission to use AI to quickly and conveniently put the next million retailers online. Without the use of physical studios, they have created a groundbreaking AI solution that is revolutionizing how businesses can produce visually attractive catalogs that increase conversions by up to 40%. Spyne is developing AI and computer vision technology to automate workflows for picture processing. This will make it easier for any company or market to capture, edit, and publish product images at scale while spending only 1/4 of the money and effort.

Spyne is currently supporting 80+ customers, including Amazon India, Flipkart, Karvi, OLACars, Sell Any Car, etc. across 15+ countries with a dedicated staff of 100+ workers, including tech professionals and thought leaders. The company, which is backed by Accel, Storm Ventures, and notable investors, founders, and CXOs from top Internet companies, recently launched Spyne AI – Cars, a self-serve AI platform for the automotive sector. In the coming months, it plans to replicate this model for the e-commerce, fashion, and real estate sectors. The company also plans to broaden its technology perspective to include AR and VR in order to develop goods for Metaverse and Omniverse.



Development of millimetre wave wireless technology for use in satellite and terrestrial communications. Astrome creates cutting-edge devices that may give bandwidth comparable to that of fibre at a fraction of the price of fibre, assisting telecom carriers in offering dependable internet services in remote locations. The core fibre capacity in cities is distributed to towers in neighboring villages by Astrome’s world-first Multiple-Point-to-Point E-band wireless radio, GigaMesh, providing telecom and internet services.

The millimeter wave Multiple-Point-to-Point (Multi-P2P) communication, which is its proprietary technology, is a special characteristic that contributes to cost reduction. Multi-P2P is essential to the upcoming rollout of 5G in both urban and rural locations. A flat-panel satellite user-terminal and a V/W band satellite payload for satellite communication applications are forthcoming products from Astrome.

In order to create a comprehensive solution, Astrome brings the full range of design, development, and manufacturing expertise required in all engineering domains. Strategic clients like telecom carriers, satellite operators, wireless equipment manufacturers, system integrators, governments, and telecom infrastructure firms are among the organizations with which we hope to forge collaborations.



Using AI-based food assessment technology, enhancing the agriculture value chain’s trust, speed, and transparency, Agnext,  can now analyze food on-the-spot in just 30 seconds thanks to AgNext’s full-stack integrated algorithms, software, and hardware platform, which handles quality assessment challenges throughout the Agri value chain.

Numerous stakeholders in the agriculture and food value chains will benefit from their excellent ideas using cutting-edge technologies. increasing transparency and confidence in the post-harvest trade. 

AgNext and its role in creating ground-breaking technological solutions utilizing artificial intelligence that can evaluate the quality and safety of a variety of agri-commodities such as milk, tea, animal feed, spices, and grains in less than 30 seconds will help address the difficulties faced by farmers in obtaining accurate prices for their produce, further motivating them to follow farming methods that can help produce crops of superior quality.

The AgNext platform’s effectiveness can be seen in the fact that test results for food quality and safety in the agricultural value chain, which are typically available in between 4 and 15 days, are now frequently made available within 30 seconds through the platform—often on the spot—due to the portable nature of the devices. Because it uses portable and wireless battery-operated devices, this platform also supports cost-saving with no additional expenses or associated maintenance costs. As a result, the process becomes entirely digital, eradicating any subjectivity, with little to no human involvement.

AgNext is currently operating as a category pioneer on its own, offering a technology platform called Qualix for quick commodity evaluation solutions spanning food and agro value chain supply, trading, production, storage, and consumption. The Qualix AI engine uses spectral molecular analysis, computer vision, and IoT sensing solutions, which are delivered through an integrated hardware and software interface, to provide accurate and immediate quality analysis, along with farmer-wise data for quality produce, managing suppliers by lots, and developing business intelligence through quality maps.

AgNext has been capitalizing on this by releasing a steady stream of further SaaS-based products on its Qualix platform, which is anticipated to help its clients integrate more technological solutions to their advantage.

Devices utilizing NIR Spectroscopy & AI-based image processing technologies are part of AgNext’s hardware solution portfolio.

AgNext is one of the companies that has been successful in innovating and integrating portable, on-the-go devices that are connected to its platform and that support instant molecular analysis of agricultural commodities in the form of liquids, solids, powders, grains, or leaves, essentially covering the full spectrum that nature has to offer.



Kwantics is a call center automation firm with a strong technology foundation. Call center metrics are improved by using speech AI. Since it scales customer conversations using advanced voice bots and speech analysis, you won’t need to worry about hiring more people. For you to deliver top-notch customer service, Kwantics is committed to boosting the productivity of your voice process and your agents. Customers favor using voice for communication.

Furthermore, voice-based customer conversations can be extracted from and analyzed. The discussion between your call center representative and your customer is captured in an audio file. You can find out hidden information with the use of the Speech Analytics tool from Kwantics.

Customers utilize it to improve agent effectiveness, client happiness, and sales conversion. Businesses can employ analysis powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to gather practical knowledge and establish lasting relationships.

AI Voice Assistant is a multilingual interactive AI voice assistant that facilitates natural conversations and can recognize human speech to improve customer communication. Deep learning technology is utilized to analyze all previous or current conversational data to improve understanding, boost customer satisfaction, and improve agent effectiveness. STT (Speech to Text) solutions can transform all voice inputs into text in a variety of languages, recognizing keywords and useful information to improve agent performance, engage clients, and increase conversion rates. Talking Text A cutting-edge Text to Speech (TTS) technology that turns text into a high-quality human voice might be used to provide clients with individualized outbound communication.



With over 12500 firms, India is the third-largest startup hub in the world. Additionally, 19% of Indian entrepreneurs work in the deep-tech sector, including, but not limited to, AI/ML, IoT, Big Data, EBC, and CPA. Stratforge is striving to offer solutions to help multinational organizations quickly accomplish their goals while they spend billions of dollars digitizing their business processes. A deep-tech solutions company that works with Fortune 100 businesses to address some of the trickiest corporate use cases. Most of the company’s proprietary technology stack is employed to address market challenges. Since its inception, it has had to contend with challenges from some of the biggest businesses on earth and titans of the sector.

Built on the Stratforge INAWE Platform, their AI product line supports Customer Workflow across all relevant channels with enterprise-grade AI solution blocks that support each stage of your journey toward digital transformation. Deliver results while generating memorable experiences.

On the way to producing amazing transformation stories with some of the most recognizable businesses in the world. Large organizations rely on Stratforge products because of their quick deployment times, packaged solutions, short configurable building blocks, instant value, wrap-on technology with “near-zero” infra disruption, and low cost of IT time and effort.

Manjeera Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd

The company is a DSP research and development company that develops high-performance computing’s next-generation computing architectures. They eliminate bottlenecks in the current processor, co-processor, and accelerator architecture.

The first AI-capable processor is created by Manjeera Digital Systems in India.

Unlike other companies in the market who have been tweaking and making incremental alterations or modifications to the processor while maintaining the fundamental architecture at the core the same, they took a step back and created a fundamentally fresh and distinct approach to computing.

Now, the business produces intellectual property (IP) for ASIC, orbit files, ISRO, Intel, Astra Microwave Products, and OmniPhy. The base-band SoC chip is also being used by ISRO to create multiple NavIC receivers.

The team compared the performance, power consumption, programmability, and silicon area of their high-performance computing engine against those of competing systems on the market. The market’s sole technology with the desired outcomes of high performance, low power consumption, high programmability, and low cost was UMA technology (Silicon Area). Additionally, they did a competitive performance analysis using common benchmarks for pertinent application domains like deep learning, image processing, computer vision, and DSP, and once again, UMA surpassed other top competing technologies.

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